Corinna Werdal Photography

about me

Located on the lower mainland, Corinna lives in Langley, BC with her little family.

After she graduated with her degree in Outdoor Leadership in 2003 she was able to live a piece of her dream by being a back pack guide throughout the lower mainland and overseas in Switzerland.  Her adventures and heart were developed as she sought to bring others to an understanding of the importance of shared experiences and developing personal success.

Corinna has had the unique opportunity to return to school and grow her skills and knowledge in photography as she continues to live out her heart and dreams. Studying under Mike Rathjen, Corinna has been challenged to capture the beauty around her in photographs that are both technically and creatively appealing.  As a photographer and adventurer her desire is to share her heart through her camera, the lens through which she sees her world.

“We all have dreams and passions, things on our hearts that drive us and develop us.  These things do not define us, but they do grow us in ways we possibly never dreamed of.  For myself I have a desire to capture the world around me through memories and photographs.  The people who we surround ourselves with and journey through life with, the ones who choose to take adventures with us, these are the ones that hold our hearts and often our hands, these are the ones whose faces we dream of, these are the ones we frame and hold onto forever.   My joy is producing photographs that capture moments, laughter, deep wrinkles, and community.  My goal is to follow one step at a time the desires laid upon my heart, and so, this is my offering.”   -Corinna Werdal